Driving time & rest periods

Driving period stop

After max. 4.5 hours of driving period you have to make a break of 45 minutes at least.This driving period stop you can split into a 15-minutes break, followed by a 30-minutes break.Note: At digital tachographs you have to add an additional minute to prevent mistakes at the readout.

Daily driving period

Max. 9 hours; twice per week 10 hours are allowed.

Daily rest period

Would be 11 hours - but it can be shortened without compensation 3x per week on 9 hours and divided at all other days: in a 3-hours rest period, then followed by a 9-hour rest period.

Weekly rest period

Amounts to 45 hours. If you reach a compensation in the next 3 following weeks, you can reduce every second week rest period to 24 hours. The missing 21 hours are to append on the existing daily rest period or weekly rest period.

12-days regulation

If you are driving a tour group and have a stay of at least one full calendar day abroad, you can completely displace the shortened weekly rest period between two 45-hours weekly rest periods to a later date within the next three following weeks (passenger waybill + DigiTach).

Driving period between two weekly rest periods

Max. 56 hours.

Driving period in two successive weeks

Double week driving period max. 90 hours.

Evidence about driving periods, rest periods etc.

Have to be complete and gapless about the period of the last 28 calendar days and have to be carry along in form of tachograph discs, holiday certificates or digital recordings on the driver card.