Double Decker DDL45

18-22 beds

14 meters long, more horsepower than a single decker and fitted with 22 beds.

The bottom deck features a kitchenette with sufficient seating, gaming consoles and a multimedia entertainment system for relaxing and hanging out. The complete upper deck is used as a sleeping area.

The cargo space has about 2 m³ space for luggage and sundries. If you’re travelling with a little more luggage, an optional trailer with 12 m³ or 16 m³ is also available for booking.

Technical Data

Engine performance:
500 horsepower

approx. weight: 26,5 t

Euro: 4/5
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
Emission Control System (CRT)

Overall dimensions:
Overall length: 13,9 m / 45'7''
Overall width: 2,55 m / 8'4''
Overall height: 4,0 m / 13'1''

upper deck: 1,68 m / 5'6''
lower deck: 1,82 m / 6'

Internal power supply:
230 V

External power supply:
CEE 32A 400 V (5 pin) or
CEE 16A 400 V (5 pin)

Luggage space:
approx. 3 m³
max. payload 3,0 t

Trailer 12 m3, max. payload 1,8 t, or
Trailer 16 m³, max. payload 2,1 t

Layout & Configuration

2 Decks
18-22 beds
Living zone
Tea kitchen with coffee machine, microwave, fridge
PS3, TV, multimedia entertainment system





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